Around The Corner

Ben Selvin


(Around the corner)

He was a major of Grenadiers

Grenadiers are handsome and tall

(He was a dashing brute

He was a dashing brute)

She was the fairest in all Algiers

In Algiers, the fairest of all

(She was so sweet and cute

She was so sweet and cute)

He had to leave her behind and so

The so and so had broken her heart

(He didn't care a hoot

He didn't care a hoot)

She has a terrible tale of woe

Tale of woe that she will impart

Around the corner and under the tree

The gallant major said 'stroll with me'

I said 'nay, nay',

I said 'no, no'

But ever since I've been there once

I always want to go

Around the corner, and under the tree

The handsome major made love to me

He kissed me once, he kissed me twice

It wasn't just the thing to do

But gosh, it was so nice

(Around the corner and under the tree

The breeze was sighing, and so was he)

He held my hand, he talked so grand

Then went away and stayed away

While ev'ry night I stand

(Around the corner and under the tree)

The cruel major's forgotten me

He wrote a note, here's how it went

(I would have married you

But couldn't get my wife's consent.)